August Home Ships Doorbell Cam; Lets Users See and Speak with Visitors at Their Door From Anywhere

August Smart Home Access System offers unmatched security and control
over access to the front door

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August Home Inc, the leading provider of smart locks and smart home
access products and services that make life more simple and secure,
today began shipping the August Doorbell Cam. The August Doorbell Cam
alerts users every time the bell is rung – whether they’re upstairs, at
work, or away on vacation – and lets them see and speak with visitors
from their smartphone, from anywhere.

“The August Doorbell Cam builds on our vision for delivering smarter
home access by giving consumers even more control to their front door,”
said Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home Inc. “The August Doorbell Cam is
a powerful product on its own. When used in conjunction with our August
Smart Lock, consumers are able to manage access to their home from a
smartphone for greater convenience and unprecedented visibility and
control over the front door – and control delivers security.”

The August Doorbell Cam, August Smart Lock and August Smart Keypad
create the complete Smart Home Access System:

August Doorbell Cam

The August Doorbell Cam lets consumers see and speak with visitors at
the door, from anywhere, using a smartphone. Users know who’s at the
front door, even when they’re not home. It is equipped with two-way
audio and one-way video using an HD camera, which gives a clear view of
visitors from a smartphone, while ensuring privacy. Through the August
app, customers can also view on-demand activity outside their door in

The August Smart Lock integrates with the August Doorbell Cam. The
Doorbell Cam operates as a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Wi-Fi bridge
giving users the ability to securely unlock/lock their door to let
visitors in remotely, from a smartphone, from anywhere. The Doorbell Cam
is easy to install and replaces an existing doorbell and wiring.

Two additional features being added to the Doorbell Cam within 90 days
include intelligent motion detection and digital video recordings.
Intelligent motion will detect movement to identify people at the door
and sends an instant alert to a smartphone whether someone drops off a
package or is lurking at the door – even if the person doesn’t ring the
bell. Users will also be able to record each interaction at their door
and replay conversations and video recordings of visitors or a missed
visitor or delivery through the August app. In the same way new features
were added to the original August Smart Lock, these new features will be
delivered to Doorbell Cam customers as they become available through a
free, automatic software update.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock turns a smartphone into a smart key where
consumers can lock and unlock their door, create virtual keys for
guests, and keep track of who comes and goes with a 24/7 activity log –
all from a smartphone. In addition, the Smart Lock offers
Auto-Unlock/Lock, making it incredibly easy to enter a home without
having to fumble for keys or a smartphone and leave the home secured
with the door locked behind them.

The Smart Lock replaces only the interior side of most standard
deadbolts; the exterior door hardware stays the same, which means
consumers can use a traditional key at any time.

August Smart Keypad

The August Smart Keypad lets users create unique entry codes for family,
friends, a dog walker, handyman, or guest to unlock an August Smart Lock
without a traditional key or smartphone. An accessory product to the
August Smart Lock, August Smart Keypad is simple to set up, easy to use,
and controls an August Smart Lock via secure BLE. The Smart Keypad runs
on two AAA-batteries and does not require any wiring.

Pricing and Availability

August Smart Home Access products are available today. The August
Doorbell Cam retails for $199 and is available at and August Smart Lock retails for $199 and August Smart Keypad
retails for $79; both are available at, and For more information about August products and services,

Smarter Hosting with Airbnb

August is part of Airbnb’s Host
program, making it easy for hosts to give guests secure,
keyless access to their listing. Hosts simply link their Airbnb account
to their August account inside the August app to automate this process,
adding better visibility, convenience, and security for both Hosts and
Guests. Airbnb Hosts can use the August Smart Lock and August app or the
complete August Smart Home Access System for more flexibility with how
they deliver access to their property for guests.

August Access

August Access is a new, complimentary platform available in beta that
provides secure and convenient access to the home for leading home
service providers. Through the August app, customers can easily discover
and sign up for new services and then control and monitor delivery and
services to their homes. This provides a new level of convenience as
customers no longer need to be home to receive deliveries or services;
trusted partners can securely enter the home using the August Smart
Lock. Customers are informed every step of the way with real time
notifications, and, with an August Doorbell Cam, they can even see who
is at the door and speak to them prior to providing access. Partners at
launch include Sears,
Pet Care
, Shyp,
and Doorman.

About August

August builds smart home access products and services that are safer
than traditional keys, make life easier, and put users in control of
their front door from anywhere in the world. With August products, users
can create virtual keys to their home and easily grant access to house
cleaners, dog walkers, delivery services, guests, friends, and
family—and control how long that access lasts—all from a smartphone.
August products work together, integrate with other smart devices and
services, and are designed to fit naturally and elegantly into the home.
Founded by technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson and renowned designer
Yves Béhar, August is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


Lisa Auslen
Tim Monaghan
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