Bill Negotiation Service, BILLSHARK, Saves up to 25% on Monthly Bills in Just 2 Minutes

an easy, fast bill negotiating service, is tapping in to busy
consumers’ needs with the launch of a convenient, no-hassle platform to
lower their monthly bills by up to 25%. Using their phone to save money
rather than spend money, in just 2 minutes consumers can snap images of
their bills and send via the BILLSHARK mobile app, website or email to
BILLSHARK’s team of expert bill negotiators who work to lower bills on
monthly home services, such as cable TV, internet, wireless and home
security. The best part: if BILLSHARK can’t save any money, customers
know they have the best rate and pay no fees.

BILLSHARK saves consumers time and money, offering real time information
and convenience to maximize their monthly savings. Maximizing savings
and only getting paid if it saves the consumer money, BILLSHARK is
adapted to utilize mobile technology to make the process quick and easy
for consumers looking to save each month.

BILLSHARK has an 85% success rate at negotiating the following types
of bills
on consumers’ behalf: satellite TV, wireless phone,
internet access, cable TV & internet, satellite radio and home security.
New categories will continue to be added. If BILLSHARK is able to save
money there are two types of payment
: the first is to split the savings for the first 12 months of
service and after that the consumer keeps all of the savings, or a plan
where consumers pay the savings in one single payment and then enjoy
their lower monthly bills.

“Most people don’t have the time or patience to wait through calling
queues to speak to a representative about lowering their monthly bills,”
said Brian Keaney, co-founder. “BILLSHARK’s team of trained expert bill
negotiators are dedicated to saving thousands of customers tens of
thousands of dollars. Our founders have more than 40 years of experience
working with the companies with whom we now negotiate bills. This
industry knowledge gives us an edge and allows us to implement proven
bill-cutting strategies and technology.”

Interested customers can pick up their phone to hire a shark and start
saving in minutes. The BILLSHARK app is available for download in the App
and Google
. Learn more at


BILLSHARK is a convenient bill negotiation service that saves its
customers time and money by negotiating on their behalf to make sure
they never overpay again. There is no fee and customers only pay if
BILLSHARK is able to save money on regular monthly bills. BILLSHARK
utilizes mobile technology, allowing customers to snap images of their
bills and quickly send them for a potential savings of up to 25%. The
BILLSHARK app is available for download in the App Store and Google
Play. Learn more by visiting


Media Contact:
Tyler Sminkey, 786-390-8510