Celmatix Appoints Ardy Arianpour to Its Corporate Advisory Board

Arianpour to advise as company moves closer to commercial launch of
its first genetic test

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Celmatix, a personalized medicine company focused on fertility and
women’s health, today announced the appointment of Ardy Arianpour to its
Corporate Advisory Board. Mr. Arianpour brings to the Board more than 14
years of experience as a leader in commercializing genomic technologies,
including numerous pioneering molecular diagnostic tests. These tests
include the first clinical whole exome sequencing test in 2011, the
first post-Myriad commercial next-generation sequencing test for BRCA1/2
mutations, and the first non-invasive liquid biopsy tumor profiling
test for both early detection and monitoring. In addition, he has been
involved in the commercial launch and branding of mobile apps related to
personalized medicine, including OMETM, the first wellness
app powered by IBM’s Watson.

Arianpour was most recently the Chief Commercial Officer of Pathway
Genomics, after holding senior executive roles at a number of leading
personalized medicine companies including Ambry Genetics and Cogenics a
division of Clinical Data.

“After six years of clinical research with the leading infertility
treatment centers in the US, we are excited to be close to launching our
first genetic test, which will reveal subclinical, genetic drivers of
infertility. Mr. Arianpour has overseen the launch of several successful
first-in-market laboratory developed tests over his career, and we will
benefit greatly from the depth of his industry experience as we create a
new category of genetic testing,” said Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim, founder
and CEO of Celmatix.

“Over the last decade, I’ve seen and been fortunate to be involved with
several of the most disruptive technologies in the molecular diagnostics
space. After learning about the products that Celmatix has in their
commercial pipeline, right away I recognized how game-changing they will
be for reproductive health and beyond,” Arianpour commented. “Celmatix
is clearly the leader in enabling proactive fertility management, and
I’m excited to be joining their Corporate Advisory Board at this
exciting time in the company’s development.”

About Celmatix
Celmatix is a personalized medicine company
that uses big data and predictive analytics to help individuals who are
struggling to have a baby make informed decisions. Founded in 2009 and
based in New York City, Celmatix is disrupting the way women approach
their lifelong fertility journey by empowering them through science and
technology. The company’s flagship product, Polaris, is in use at top
fertility clinics across the country and is the world’s first analytics
platform for optimizing fertility. Celmatix also has an active research
and development program dedicated to decoding the genetic basis of
fertility potential. For more information, visit www.celmatix.com.

About Ardy Arianpour
Arianpour holds a bachelor’s degree in
biological sciences from the University of California, Irvine, and an
MBA in strategic management from Marshall Goldsmith School of
Management. He grew up in San Diego, the mecca of next generation
sequencing, and began his career in the field of genomics in the late
1990s at the prestigious Salk Institute. Obsessed with DNA, technology
and business, he has subjected himself to almost every genetic test as
well as undergoing Illumina’s whole genome sequencing so that he can
help others understand the personal and commercial implications of this
next generation of genetic information. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ardyarianpour


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