ComEd Marks Smart Meter Milestone by Encouraging Energy Savings

Utility has installed more than two million smart meters, urges
customers to sign up for energy savings programs like Peak Time Savings.

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ComEd has reached the halfway point for installations of Smart Meters –
2.1 million installed – at a home in Rockford. At an event marking this
milestone, ComEd urged customers with smart meters – and those soon to
receive them in Rockford, Chicago, and elsewhere in northern Illinois –
to sign up for smart meter-enabled energy savings programs like Peak
Time Savings. In 2015, 57,000 ComEd customers enrolled in peak time
savings and saved nearly $400,000.

“We now have more than two million customers that have access to tools
that can help them manage their electricity and save money because of
smart meters,” said Val Jensen, Senior Vice President of Customer
Operations for ComEd. “Some of these programs require very little effort
from customers but deliver noticeable savings. We hope that all our
customers with smart meters will take advantage of their smart meter
technology and opportunity to save energy and money.”

Smart meters provide customers with access to more information about
their energy use through online energy-management tools. Additionally,
because smart meters automatically send meter readings to ComEd, they
also help eliminate estimated bills and reduce operating costs that
become savings on customers’ electric bills.

The smart-meter enabled Peak Time Savings program helps to save
customers money by applying credits to their bills for lowering
electricity usage during high demand periods. Customers can earn a $1
credit on their electric bills for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of
electricity they voluntarily reduce during Peak Time Savings Hours.

“I’m definitely always looking for new technology or anything that’ll
help me out,” said Angelique Tribett, who recently signed up for the PTS
program. “ComEd informed me that I could earn savings on my electric
bill with Peak Time Savings and I could receive notifications letting me
know when I should power down to save money, so I signed up.”

After enrolling in the program, Angelique has already benefited from the
savings. On a recent bill, she said she saved $6.23 by participating in
the program. “If you sign up for the Peak Time Savings Program with
ComEd, there’s nothing to lose,” she said.

Peak Time Savings is part of ComEd’s Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency
Program®, one of the largest efficiency programs in the nation. Since
its inception in 2008, ComEd’s program, which offers a suite of
solutions to home, apartment and business owners, has produced more than
$1.5 billion in savings on customer’s electric bills. Customers with
smart meters can take advantage of ComEd’s smart meter-enabled tools and
make a direct impact on their electric bills, including:

  • Personalized Energy-Management Tools are available by logging
    into your online ComEd account. Here, customers can access free
    personalized energy saving tips, set savings goals, enroll in
    high-usage alerts which notify customers when their electricity is
    trending higher than usual for their household, and sign up to receive
    weekly usage reports via email.
  • Hourly Pricing program allows residential customers to pay the
    hourly prices for electricity which means customers can save by using
    electricity when prices are lower. Participants also receive customer
    support and services to help manage costs with hourly pricing.
    Services include real-time high price alerts, predicted day-ahead high
    price alerts, an online bill comparison tool, and information to help
    guide energy decisions.

“The advanced technology we are putting into place is creating a
platform by which new innovation can be brought to the grid and create
greater value for our customers,” said Jensen. “We’re committed to
enabling our customers to take full advantage of the new technologies,
transforming the way electricity is distributed and used by our

Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) is a unit of Chicago-based Exelon
Corporation (NYSE: EXC), the nation’s leading competitive energy
provider, with approximately 7.8 million customers. ComEd provides
service to approximately 3.8 million customers across northern Illinois,
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