De’Longhi Gears Up for Fall Allergy Season with AAFA Certifications and Donates Dehumidifiers to Hurricane Relief Efforts

The first dehumidifier brand to align with an allergy awareness
organization, De’Longhi received certifications for five of its
dehumidifiers from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
and Allergy Standards Limited (ASL)

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Summer has come and gone, with fall here and winter just around the
corner, that means another season of allergies. De’Longhi, the leading
international brand in portable heating and cooling, announced today
that they have received asthma & allergy friendly®
Certifications from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
and Allergy Standards Limited (ASL) on all five of its 2017
dehumidifiers lineup, which are essential to reducing the amount of
allergens in homes, offices and classrooms. This certification is
especially timely given the effects of the recent hurricanes; De’Longhi
is supporting hurricane relief efforts by donating 200 dehumidifiers to
individuals and families affected by these natural disasters.

The first dehumidifiers to receive the program’s mark, the asthma &
allergy friendly® Certification Program is administered by
AAFA with their partner ASL, and helps consumers identify products that
are beneficial in combating asthma and allergies. The asthma & allergy
friendly® Certification mark is only awarded to brands with
products that meet AAFA’s strict scientific standards, which include:

  • Optimize relative humidity levels
  • Attain and maintain target relative humidity levels over a
    pre-determined period and within a specified range
  • Limit exposure to mold spores during filter changes and when emptying
    the water receptacle

The five De’Longhi Dehumidifier models that received the asthma &
allergy friendly® Certification include:

“We are thrilled that our dehumidifiers received the asthma & allergy
friendly® Certification,” said Mike Prager, De’Longhi NA’s
President and CEO. “Being the first dehumidifier brand to have the AAFA
Certification is such an honor, and our team could not be prouder. This
recognition further cements our commitment to developing innovative
products that provide the ultimate in home comfort, especially during a
time when individuals and families are in need of support in the
aftermath of the recent natural disasters. Donating dehumidifiers to
help reduce the damaging effects of the hurricanes was a no-brainer and
we are happy to be a part of the relief efforts so these resilient
communities recover.”

Dehumidifiers regulate humidity by removing moisture from the air, which
curbs the growth of allergens, reducing exposure. All De’Longhi
dehumidifiers are Energy-Star qualified, so in addition to combating
pesky allergens, consumers can save on their energy bills. Every unit is
user-friendly, and humidity levels can be easily controlled by simply
adjusting the humidistat. De’Longhi dehumidifiers are also made with the
eco-friendly refrigerant R410A, so consumers can have peace of mind when
purchasing a unit for their home.

“We are very impressed with the scientific achievement that De’Longhi
has made with their dehumidifiers. Families managing asthma and
allergies have a difficult time evaluating manufacturer claims. Now
families can look for our Certification mark when shopping for
dehumidifiers,” said AAFA’s Acting CEO Lynda Mitchell.

During the fall and early winter seasons, when temperatures and humidity
levels are still elevated, mold and dust mites thrive and can cause
allergic reactions as well as exacerbate asthmatic symptoms. In addition
to the weather, changing foliage can distribute pollen into the air
further igniting allergy irritants. Here are some helpful tips courtesy
of to ready the home for fall, which can significantly reduce
allergy exposure and reactions, ensuring a comfortable season.

Reduce Your Exposure to Mold Spores Inside

  • Use an electric dehumidifier to remove moisture and keep humidity in
    your house below 45 percent. Drain the dehumidifier regularly and
    clean the condensation coils and collection bucket.
  • Increase airflow in your home. Open doors between rooms, move
    furniture away from walls and use fans if needed.
  • Repair roof leaks and roof gutters. Clean out your gutters to remove
    leaves and debris. When gutters are full or damaged, it can cause
  • Pay close attention to mold in bathrooms, basements and laundry areas.
    Be aggressive about reducing dampness.
  • Promote groundwater drainage away from a house. Remove leaves and dead
    vegetation near the foundation and in the rain gutters.

Reduce Your Exposure to Mold Spores Outside

  • Limit your outdoor activities when mold counts are high. This will
    lessen the amount of mold spores you inhale and your symptoms.
  • Wear a dust mask when cutting grass, digging around plants, picking up
    leaves and disturbing other plant materials.

De’Longhi started its family business in home comfort over 30 years ago
and is still committed to creating meaningful innovation in this
category. For additional information and retail availability for the
complete range of products, visit

The De’Longhi brand

Based in Treviso Italy and is the global leader in espresso & comfort
products. Highest quality, high Italian design and meaningful product
innovations are the core values of the De’Longhi brand. De’Longhi is
present in over 123 countries and creates products in three main
categories: espresso, specialty cooking and home comfort. After more
than a century of perfecting its products, De´Longhi remains committed
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About the asthma & allergy friendly®
Certification Program

The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program is a
unique, groundbreaking collaboration between the Asthma and Allergy
Foundation of America and Allergy Standards Limited. The program tests
and certifies products to prove their suitability for people with asthma
and allergies. The program works with retailers and manufacturers to
help consumers create a ‘healthier home’. Certified products include air
cleaners, dehumidifiers, paints, bedding, vacuum cleaners, washing
machines, stuffed toys, cleaning services and more. Visit
for more information.


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