F4CP Highlights Valuable Role of Chiropractic Care in the Management of Osteoporosis, Don’t Miss “Stronger Bones, Longer Life,” Airing June 4th – 12th with Lani Simpson, DC, CCD

May Marks National Osteoporosis Month

for Chiropractic Progress
(F4CP), the voice of the chiropractic
profession, is collaborating with Lani Simpson, DC, CCD, to raise
awareness about the importance of healthy living and how to diagnose,
prevent and assess the management of osteoporosis among individuals of
all ages and demographics. Dr. Simpson will host the upcoming PBS
Special “Stronger Bones, Longer Life,” airing June 4th-12th,
where she will provide viewers with information and guidance on
maintaining good bone health. Check local listings to confirm when the
special will air in your area, and click here
to watch a preview.

“According to the National
Osteoporosis Foundation,
individuals worldwide are affected by osteoporosis, a
neuromusculoskeletal disease that decreases bone mass, increases
porosity and can weaken the structural support of the spine,” explains
Sherry McAllister, DC, executive vice president, F4CP, a not-for-profit
organization dedicated to educating the public about the value
of chiropractic care. “Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) – who receive a
minimum of seven years of higher level education – specialize in the
hands-on diagnosis and management of acute and chronic
neuromusculoskeletal conditions, including osteoporosis and good bone

“Stronger Bones, Longer Life” is the first national PBS special
to air about bone health. Dr. Simpson will address the definition of
osteoporosis, how to diagnose the disease and when to get tested.
Additionally, Dr. Simpson will offer millions of viewers with optimal
exercise, diet and nutrition tips to help keep their bones in tip-top

Experts at the F4CP suggest consulting a doctor of chiropractic to
discuss an appropriate care plan that can help to manage pain and
optimize overall health and well-being. To find a DC in your local area,
visit: www.f4cp.com/findaDoctor.

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