Fantástico to Revolutionize the Online Ticket-Buying Experience for U.S. Hispanics

New Spanish-Language Mobile Ticketing Site Empowers Consumers by
Offering Ability to Purchase Tickets Entirely in Spanish

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In an effort to better service the growing U.S. Hispanic ticket-buying
audience, Schramm Marketing Group, the leading marketing agency
specializing in multicultural marketing, today announced the launch of
its newest venture, Fantástico, a free, hyper-local, mobile-optimized
site that provides Latino consumers with a ticket-purchasing experience
that is entirely in Spanish from homepage to checkout. The website will
launch first in the New York metro area at
to cater to the region’s large Hispanic community in the nation’s sports
and entertainment capital.

“Currently, there is no real mobile option for U.S. Spanish-speaking
consumers to purchase tickets online in their native language from any
of the major ticket retailers,” said Joe Schramm, Founder and Managing
Partner, Schramm Marketing Group. “Spanish-speaking ticket buyers who
want to attend a concert, show or sporting event have to resort to
waiting in line at a box office or in a local ‘tienda’ retailer to get
their tickets. Fantástico will provide Latino consumers with an equal
opportunity to purchase tickets on the mobile devices they use the most,
and in the language they speak.”

Fantástico’s business model blends online ticket sales with original and
branded editorial and video content to best engage the avidly mobile
U.S. Hispanic consumer. The site offers free online access to ticket
sales and information about sports, entertainment, movies, concerts,
live performances, exhibitions, as well as family events and
destinations – entirely in Spanish.

The platform’s content and advertising is targeted to feature local-area
events under a regionally specific domain. Consumers can quickly and
conveniently purchase tickets in Spanish to thousands of events, using
Fantástico’s easy-to-navigate event category and event title search
capabilities. Fantástico allows brands, venues and programmers to market
their unique entertainment experiences to the mobile Hispanic consumer
in the same seamless platform.

“Sports and entertainment are two of the biggest passions for U.S.
Hispanics, but the ticket-buying experience for these activities is less
than satisfactory,” said Rafael Eli, Partner, Schramm Marketing Group.
“Fantástico offers a convenient and positive solution to the unserved
Spanish-speaking fan who wants to attend an event and is thwarted by
online ticket sites that don’t cater to his or her needs.”

At the same time, the popularity of smartphone use among Latinos has
demanded an evolution in the way these consumers buy tickets online. The
introduction of smartphones created a paradigm shift in the marketplace,
providing Hispanics an affordable and convenient option for accessing
the internet. Today, Hispanics over-index for ownership of smartphones
and use their smartphone as their primary or only access to the
internet. While Hispanics are 17% of the population, they buy about 25%
of all movie tickets sold, according to the Motion Pictures Association
of America. In addition, according to Nielsen Company, Hispanics spend
$72 per year on concerts and festivals compared to $48 spent by the
average consumer. Hispanics also are the most enthusiastic supporters of
soccer and baseball, have historically comprised the most consistent
base of boxing pay-per-view buyers, and are very likely to attend shows
and events as a family or group. As a free, mobile-optimized ticket and
content site entirely in Spanish, Fantástico was specifically designed
with statistics like these in mind to best serve the Hispanic community.

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About Fantástico

Fantástico™ is a hyper-local, mobile-optimized site, and soon will also
be a free app, that provides Hispanic consumers with an all-in-Spanish
experience for purchasing tickets and obtaining information for sports,
entertainment, movies, concerts, live performances, exhibitions, family
events, and destinations Our mission is to provide Spanish speakers with
an equal opportunity to obtain local sports/entertainment information
and to conveniently purchase tickets in the language they speak, from
landing page to checkout. For more information about Fantástico™ visit
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About Schramm Marketing Group

Schramm is a marketing agency, based in New York that for nearly 24
years has specialized in multicultural or segmented marketing, ticket
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the television and video industry. The company is recognized for its
expertise in successfully attracting large, sold-out crowds for
international soccer and for driving subscription sales to pay
television (including pay-per-view and VOD) among Hispanic audiences.
The agency is also known for creating and producing the Hispanic
Television Summit – now in its 14th edition, as well as many other
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