FINsix Launches Dart, The World’s Smallest Laptop Charger

At a powerful 65W, Dart is the perfect travel companion for today’s
ultra-thin laptops and other mobile devices

(FINsix), the worldwide leader in high-frequency power
electronics, today announced the launch of Dart, the world’s smallest,
lightest laptop charger.

Dart is up to four times smaller and lighter than the charger that
shipped with your laptop. At a powerful 65W and with a 2.1A auxiliary
USB port, Dart can charge a laptop plus USB device, such as a smartphone
or tablet, simultaneously. This means that on-the-go consumers and
business travelers are able to ditch their bulky bricks and USB
chargers, providing an unprecedented level of portability.

“The reality is that all modern electronics still come with a clunky
AC/DC power converter that is really inconvenient to carry. Dart
eliminates the bulk, making it easy to throw in a pocket and have on
hand when you need it most,” says Vanessa Green, FINsix CEO. “With Dart,
we aim to lighten your load and provide a sleek, universal charging
accessory that fits perfectly into your mobile lifestyle.”

Compatible with all popular PC laptop brands, Dart’s radical reduction
in size is enabled by patented high-frequency power conversion
technology first developed at MIT. The launch of Dart follows FINsix’s
announcement in January 2016 of a partnership with Lenovo for the 65W
Micro Adapter, the smallest charging option for ThinkPad laptops.

Dart is available now at for $99, and through FINsix’s retail
launch partners, including Staples, Brookstone, Fry’s, Micro Center,
Electronic Express, and B&H. It comes in five colors: blue, magenta,
silver, gunmetal, and orange.

About FINsix

FINsix Corporation, the worldwide leader in high-frequency power
conversion technology, is bringing to market highly miniaturized power
conversion products that offer unprecedented power density and excellent
performance. This disruptive technology is transforming power delivery
for consumer electronics. FINsix is a spinout from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology LEES Laboratory. The company has 34 issued and
pending patents and is based in Menlo Park, CA. FINsix’s investors
include Venrock Associates, Cranberry Capital, Apple Core Holdings,
Marubun Corporation, and Cornwall Capital. For more information, visit


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