Flexjet’s Unique Dedicated Crewing Concept in Broadcast Television Commercial

  • New TV Spot Showcases the Unrivaled Flight Experience Provided
    by Flexjet’s Red Label Offering
  • No Other Fractional Provider Assigns Flight Crews to a Single
    Private Jet

, offering travelers access to the world’s most luxurious fleet
of private jets, is launching a new, 30-second television commercial
that highlights one of the unique features of Flexjet’s Red
offering – flight crews dedicated to a single aircraft. Having
crewmembers assigned to one aircraft delivers levels of travel
confidence and consistency previously achievable only in aircraft owned
by a single individual.

No other fractional provider offers single-aircraft crews, a feature
that is the focus of the commercial, which will run weekdays on CNBC,
Bloomberg and Fox Business Network and be accessible on Flexjet’s YouTube
. This commercial, and another that details Red Label by
Flexjet, began airing on September 26 and will run for eight weeks. In
addition, the new commercial can be found on Flexjet’s website and
social media channels.

“One of the three Red Label cornerstones is having our crew assigned to
fly a single Flexjet aircraft,” said Michael Silvestro, Flexjet’s Chief
Executive Officer. “The U.S. military has used this model for years.
Dedicated crewing gives a sense of pride and personalization, and that
contributes to a consistent flight experience that is one of Red Label’s
three genuine core differentiators. In addition, Red Label aircraft are
the world’s youngest fractional jet fleet and they are appointed with
highly distinctive artisan LXi interiors.”

The commercials are timed to premiere just before the critical fourth
quarter of the year, when more than 40 percent of private jet fractional
owners, typically high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives,
make their private travel decisions for the coming year. Moreover,
viewership during this time is expected to be highest on the business
news channels selected due to the upcoming presidential election, as
executives and investors seek to gauge the election’s impact on the
economy and markets.

“Red Label by Flexjet is the future of fractional, and is as close as
you can come to owning your own plane. Our commercials convey this sense
of ownership through dynamic visuals and a tightly scripted narration in
which every word serves to communicate the essence of the Red Label
experience,” said Christopher Bero, Flexjet’s Vice President of Global
Marketing, who supervised development of the commercials. “We hope
viewers will not only respond to the commercials but also experience
them as expressions of human aspiration and emotion.”

Many Flexjet pilots received flight training in the U.S. armed forces,
and the excellence of military aviators provided a model for Red Label.
While other operators rotate pilots through a fleet of jets, each
Flexjet Red Label crew is dedicated a single aircraft – just as military
pilots fly the same planes each day. The commercial concludes with the
motto, “One aircraft. One crew. Complete confidence.”

Elements of the commercials were shot in Uruguay, California and
Flexjet’s home of Cleveland, Ohio and were edited in Dallas, Texas. The
varied locations, including Uruguayan landscapes that resemble those of
Europe, underscore the fact that Flexjet now provides full international
through such aircraft as Global Express and the Gulfstream
G450 and soon the G500 and G650. The striking cinematography of the
commercial, including scenes shot during the “golden hour,” when
daylight fades into evening, helps to evoke an emotionally visceral
response that resonates with a clientele that views travel as an
essential part of life.

The Red Label fleet is made up of the Learjet 75LXi, Challenger 350, the
Embraer Legacy 450 and 500, Global Express and the Gulfstream G450, and
soon the G500 and G650.

About Flexjet

Flexjet first entered the fractional jet ownership market in 1995, and
celebrated its 21st anniversary in May 2016. Flexjet offers
fractional jet ownership and leasing. Flexjet’s fractional aircraft
program is the first in the world to be recognized as achieving the Air
Charter Safety Foundation’s Industry Audit Standard, and Flexjet is the
first and only company to be honored with its 17th FAA
Diamond Award for Excellence. Flexjet’s fractional program fields an
exclusive array of business aircraft—some of the youngest in the
fractional jet industry, with an average age of approximately six
years—including their LXi Cabin Collection consisting of the Learjet
75LXi, Challenger 350, the Embraer Legacy 450 and 500, Global Express,
the Gulfstream G450, G500 and G650, and the Aerion AS2 supersonic
business jets. In addition, the overall jet collection includes the
Embraer Phenom 300, Challenger 300 and Challenger 605. Flexjet is a
member of the Directional Aviation family of companies. For more details
on innovative programs and flexible offerings, visit www.flexjet.com
or follow us on Twitter @Flexjet.


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