GEICO and BoatUS offer tips to protect your boat from theft

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to BoatUS, the warm summer weather brings an increase in boat
thefts. More than 49,000 boats are stolen every year with a large
percentage being taken away from the property of the boat owner via his
or her own trailer.

Boats that sit atop trailers provide an easy target for thieves who can
hitch a boat to a truck and be on their way in a matter of minutes.
GEICO and BoatUS offer tips to help make your boat less vulnerable to

  1. Don’t make it easy – Thieves are crafty; they look for the
    easiest opportunities to steal. If you have a boat and trailer in your
    driveway, chain your trailer to a tree or a sturdy post. Remove one or
    more tires and safely store them inside your home along with the lug
    nuts. Make sure to park your boat and trailer so that the trailer
    hitch faces away from the street. If thieves have to work at turning
    your boat and trailer around before getting it hooked up, they
    probably are going to continue searching for an easier target
  2. Park your boat and trailer in a garage If you are not
    using your boat and trailer for an extended period of time or if you
    are going to be away, store it inside a garage. A small outboard is
    also much safer in your garage than hanging on your boat’s transom.
    It’s difficult to steal boat parts that aren’t readily accessible.
  3. Get an anti-theft device – There are a variety of anti-theft
    devices on the market designed specifically to protect boat trailers.
    One popular device is similar to a boot that is used to lock the tire
    of an illegally parked car. This device can be attached to the trailer
    wheel in the same fashion. There are also locks available that
    prohibit a trailer from hooking up and being towed away by another
    vehicle. Often times, thieves will pass up a boat that appears to be
  4. Invest in a GPS tracking device – Designed originally to track
    cars, GPS tracking devices are available for trailer-able boats so
    they can be located once the trailer is reported stolen to police.
  5. Remove any personal items Remove and secure any
    personal papers or ownership documents from the boat. Take photographs
    of the boat on the trailer. If you have a spare tire on the trailer,
    remove that as well. Thieves have been known to settle for smaller
    parts if they can’t get a hold of the entire package. Remember to
    remove the license plate from the trailer when it’s not in use and do
    not leave keys to the boat onboard.

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