Increasing Awareness about Hygiene Will Boost the Global Stain Remover Products Market Through 2019, says Technavio

analysts forecast the global
stain remover products market
is expected to reach USD
2.40 billion by 2019, posting a CAGR of more than 2%, according to their
latest report.

The research study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of
the global
stain remover products market for 2015-2019
. To calculate the
market size, the report has taken into consideration the sales revenue
of stain remover products.

Technavio consumer
and retail
analysts have highlighted the following four factors
that are contributing to the growth of the global stain remover products

  • Increasing awareness about hygiene
  • Shifting lifestyles
  • Availability of wide range of products
  • Packaging innovation

Increasing awareness about hygiene

With growing emphasis on living in a healthy and hygienic way, many
vendors of laundry care items are now running campaigns for increasing
the health and hygiene awareness for laundry product usage. Some of the
campaigns are Project Sunlight by Unilever and Give Health by P&G. The
human tendency for keeping clothes stain-free and fresh is one of the
buying criteria for the stain remover products.

The global stain remover products market is increasing because of the
high-quality fabric innovation. Consumers’ choice of quality fabric is
also changing and they tend to buy different types of stain remover
products for different types of stains. “Vendors are manufacturing
products by giving importance to such consumer demand. For instance,
Evergreen Labs manufactures Wine Away stain remover for removing wine
stains. These factors are driving the global stain remover products
market towards a positive course,” says Brijesh Kumar Choubey, a lead cosmetics
and toiletry
research analyst from Technavio.

Shifting lifestyles

In recent years, lifestyles in both developed countries and developing
countries like Russia, China, and India have changed significantly
because of the rapid increase in urbanization. Women are becoming more
career-driven and are pursuing further education courses to boost their
career prospects. In the UK, 67.3% of women aged 16 to 64 were reported
to be working in 2013, which constitutes a substantial increase from
52.6% in 1971. The number of working women in developing countries like
China has also increased substantially in the past few years. This
increase in the number of working women has led to an associated
increase in the disposable income in dual-income households, which in
turn has led to higher average income households.

Working households generally look for quick and convenient cleaning for
their daily laundry. The stain remover products launched in recent times
are all-in-one products. These products keep the color and fabric
quality of the clothes intact along with removing stains. Therefore, the
demand for such products is increasing because of the increasing
consumer base.

Availability of wide range of products

“The global stain remover products market offers a wide range of
products having different compositions, which include different chemical
components, fragrances, formats, packages, and prices,” says Brijesh.
For instance, stain remover products are available in different forms,
including powder, liquid, bars, sticks, and sprays. Also, they are
available to remove all kinds of stains like mud, soil, milk, red wine,
barbeque sauces, beetroot, blood, coffee, Coke, oil, mayonnaise, honey,
baby food, and tomato sauce. This wide range fulfills different
requirements and needs of different consumers on a large scale.

Packaging innovation

Product packaging is one of the differentiating factors for all types of
laundry care products. Vendors are concentrating more on innovative
packaging, which is helping consumers to decide on their product choice,
preference, and purchase. Consumers are now looking for stain remover
products that can help them clean their clothes quickly and more
conveniently. For instance, JK PYNK Accessories’ product Amazing Stain
Remover comes in attractive and convenient portable packaging that can
be used on any occasion. “Several products are also available in
pen-shaped packaging, which has helped the market to grow significantly.
Some of the stain remover brands in this format are Clorox 2, Tide, and
Dr. Beckmann,” adds Brijesh.

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