iTutorGroup Hosts Press Conference With Yao Ming Following His Induction Into the NBA Hall of Fame

Ming serves as Brand Ambassador for company’s suite of language
learning products

a global leader in online education and home of the largest
online-learning platform worldwide, recently held its first press
conference with Yao
since being inducted into the NBA
Hall of Fame
. Ming is the company’s brand ambassador for its suite
of language learning products.

The event was livestreamed using iTutorGroup’s global online
broadcasting technology. Ming shared his story during the press
conference – discussing everything from his childhood, to his
accomplished career with the NBA, to stories about how he learned to
speak English.

“When I was a kid, my mom would always force me to memorize
word-by-word. After I went to the U.S., I had no choice but study hard
to improve my English,” said Ming. “I hope you can start earlier than
myself. Don’t wait to learn English until a great chance presents itself
in front of you. We need to learn from craftsmen to perfect our skills
and accumulate knowledge so that we’ll have the ability to make the
right choices when good opportunities arrive.”

Ming shared his challenges with learning English when he first joined
the NBA. Today, his English is excellent and many people would never
imagine how difficult it was for him to learn.

“The world is becoming smaller, as well as bigger. It’s getting smaller
because of the technology that has enabled people to communicate closely
and easily. It’s becoming bigger because of the speed we learn which is
still faster than how technology advances. Only when learning new
skills, discovering the world and being observant, we can understand
cultures better,” Ming said.

Several years ago, Ming became a teaching consultant for one of
iTutorGroup’s products called TutorMing which provides online Mandarin
Chinese Language Learning across 20 countries. He plans to share more of
his opinions and stories about Chinese and U.S. culture and language

“I am looking forward to having more time to teach Chinese on
iTutorGroup’s platform and letting more people know about the eastern
philosophy and culture. It’s important to learn a second language to be
able to communicate globally.”

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