LiquiTech Comments on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Articles that further vindicate copper silver ionization system in Pittsburgh Legionnaires’ outbreak

LOMBARD, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LiquiTech made the following statement regarding the investigation into
the Legionnaires’ outbreak that killed six veterans at the Pittsburgh VA
in 2011:

A comprehensive investigation by journalist Sean Hamill of the Pittsburgh
has uncovered the truth surrounding the Legionnaires’
outbreak that killed six veterans at the Pittsburgh VA in 2011. His
investigation was published in a two-part series Sunday
and Monday,
and led to a call
for a congressional investigation
into the situation from Sen. Bob
Casey of Pennsylvania.

The articles support the facts long known to LiquiTech that the
Pittsburgh VA staff failed to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for
maintenance of the copper silver ionization water disinfection system
and deployed improper testing procedures, going against EPA guidance.
The Veterans Administration Office of the Inspector General came to a
similar conclusion in its report on the cause of the outbreak.

The Post-Gazette stories also challenge research published in
2015 in the Journal of Infectious Diseases that was based on that
same flawed testing methodology and a misunderstanding of how the
technology was designed to work. The Journal piece called into
question the efficacy of copper silver technology, despite its long
track record of superior outcomes in preventing and remediating
waterborne disease outbreaks around the world.

“The irony is that the Pittsburgh VA had been a pioneer in the
successful use of copper silver ionization water disinfection
technology, keeping veterans safe for a decade before it stopped
maintaining the system,” said Tory Schira, chief operating officer of

The LiquiTech copper silver system disperses positively
 copper and silver ions into
the water system. It is a registered solution with federal and state
Environmental Protection Agencies for killing Legionella in
drinking water. It has been validated in more than 100 clinical articles
as the most effective water disinfection technology to control Legionella.

In June 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new
for building owners and managers, endorsing regular testing
for Legionella in drinking water as part of water management
strategies and naming copper silver ionization as an effective means of
preventing the growth of Legionella to help facilities prevent
such outbreaks as the one in Pittsburgh. “It’s good to see that the CDC
is now embracing a philosophy that will minimize Legionella infections
and deaths,” Schira said. “Thankfully, we are making progress, and more
organizations are looking to prevent waterborne infection outbreaks and
protect the people who live in, work at and visit healthcare facilities
and public buildings.”

About LiquiTech

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validation; and real-time, cloud-based monitoring and control systems
overseen by specialized engineers. LiquiTech’s copper silver ionization
disinfection technology is supported by more than 100 independent
research studies and is the only state and federal EPA-registered
technology for the eradication of Legionella in drinking water.
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Cie Idrizi
Public Relations Director