LOD, Featured by Google Play US, Becomes Leader in ARPG Markets

SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARPG–Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings (LOD), an ARPG developed by Fancy Guo
and published by Youzu Interactive (SZ.002174) globally, was recommended
by App Store and Google Play 691 times in the past six months. On April
1, 2017, it is featured on the homepages of Google Play US and Brazil,
and highly recommended by Google Play to its Latin American users.
Having been named as “the Ultimate ARPG” by game media such as
VentureBeat and Pocketgamer, LOD is no doubt the Ultimate ARPG in the
2017 market.

LOD is the first Chinese mobile game that has fully adopted Apple’s
Metal technology and the Fancy3D engine developed by Fancy Guo.
Combining the Western fantasy story with the oriental ARPG gameplay and
featuring abundant subsystems, the stunning picture quality that can
rival the console games and the exciting immersive gameplay, it has
gathered a huge number of fans. After it was launched globally on
November 11, 2016, it entered China’s top 10 top-grossing mobile game
list based on revenue from the overseas market, as well as the
top-grossing ARPG in the overseas market.

Globally speaking, SLG is still the most favored game type, represented
by Game of War and Mobile Strike, the two top-grossing games in US, and
2/3 of Russia’s top-grossing games. Meanwhile, the Brazilian gamers’
preference is more diversified, and its top-grossing games cover games
based on Japanese comics, European and American fantasy and creative
gameplay, while ARPG is popular in Asia.

Under these circumstances, LOD entered the 5 top-grossing lists in 79
countries and regions including Russia, Singapore, Brazil and Saudi
Arab, the 10 top-grossing lists in 101 countries and regions including
Australia, Canada, Turkey, and UAE, and the 20 top-grossing lists in 116
countries and regions including US, UK, Germany, France and Italy.

Liu Wanqin, Vice President of Youzu Interactive, commented, “Google
Play’s latest recommendations again proved that LOD is highly valued and
recognized by the industry players. With ‘go global, think local’ in
mind, Youzu Interactive has been publishing quality games with a
globalization potential and providing localized and personalized
gameplay experience for the overseas gamers.” Prior to LOD, few ARPGs
have succeeded in entering the European and American markets.

So far, LOD has launched a well localized version for the Middle East
market and entered the 10 top-grossing lists in Saudi Arab, UAE and


Youzu Interactive
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