Mass Fidelity’s Core, the Wireless Audio System Now Available for Purchase

Better Than Stereo™ ‘Holographic’ Sound from a Single-Speaker System;
Multi-Room Ready and Seamlessly Portable

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following the most successful Canadian crowdfunding campaign to date,
audio technology company Mass Fidelity’s (
wireless speaker system, the Core, is now available for purchase.

The company raised more than $1.5 million via the Indiegogo community,
exceeding well past its original funding goal of $48,000. Winner of the
2015 Innovation Award at CES, the largest consumer electronics show in
the world, the Core is winning rave reviews.

What makes the Core revolutionary and why it’s winning awards, is its
astonishing ability to deliver Better Than Stereo™ ‘holographic’ sound
from a stylish box small enough to fit in your hand. One little Core
sounds like two widely separated speakers. It’s multi-room ready. Start
with one Core and add up to seven more with the touch of a button. No
apps, wires or wi-fi required! Wherever you go, the Core can go too
because the listening experience is seamlessly portable. It’s a system
designed to be the center of a user’s musical universe.

The Core’s holographic sound experience

Mass Fidelity’s Core uses a revolutionary Holographic Sound Technology
that creates a true stereo image without separated stereo speakers. The
result is a life-like stereo image; a hologram that delivers the feeling
of a ‘live’ performance, regardless of where the listener sits in the

Technical Explanation: Mathematically, at any listening point, a desired
acoustic wave field can be generated in space as long as the sound
pressure level and directional gradient are known. Traditionally, an
infinite number of small speakers are required to achieve this result,
but Mass Fidelity’s revolutionary Holographic Sound Technology
algorithms can approximate this ideal with only five loudspeaker drivers.

Multi-room ready

Start with one Core and add more units. At the touch of a button you can
connect up to eight Cores throughout your home. Each Core can play
individually from a local source or in unison. No app, wi-fi connection,
router, or switch is needed. The devices create their own proprietary
multi-room network in the 5-GHz radio spectrum.

Portable. Where you go, so goes your Core

The Core’s compact dimensions and high-capacity long-life battery enable
you to be immersed in sound anywhere.

Wireless access to an infinite world of music

Play music directly from your Bluetooth-enabled device or smartphone.
Internet music streaming sites, online radio stations, podcasts, music
stored in the cloud — If you can stream it the Core can play it. No
proprietary apps required.

And that’s not all. Home Theatre and more

With an optical digital connector and analog input, the Core plays
nicely with any wired device: CD player, stereo or turntable. It can
lend its voice to a home theater system by plugging in any video source,
from an Apple TV to a cable box. The Core can also serve as a sound bar.

“As an audiophile, the Core continues to blow me away. The quality and
strength of the sound that comes from this small speaker is unlike
anything else on the market. It’s not just designed to look good and go
anywhere, the Core was created to give users that full stereo
experience, without the bulk of multiple speakers.” – Neil D’Souza, Mass
Fidelity Co-Founder and CEO

Price & Availability

The Core is now available on
and at select retailers for $599 USD.

For more information on the Core and the innovative technology behind
it, visit

About Mass Fidelity:

Mass Fidelity is an audio technology company focused on the future of
sound. Mass Fidelity develops beautifully designed and inventive audio
products that free customers to enjoy their music, however and wherever
they want it, without compromising sound quality. Simplicity in design
and dexterity in function make Mass Fidelity systems unlike anything
else you’ve seen or heard. Beautiful, thoughtfully created conduits for
the sounds you love.


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