Mayo Clinic to Hold Social Media Conference in New York City in May

The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media will hold its first conference

in New York City May 17–18, 2012, at Roosevelt Hospital, 1000 Tenth Ave.

(at 59th Street).

The conference, Connecting

Health Care & Social Media, is organized by NYC Health Business

Leaders and hosted by Continuum Health Partners. In addition to Farris

Timimi, M.D., and Lee Aase, the leaders of Mayo Clinic’s Center for

Social Media, presenters and panelists will include:

Ed Bennett – Manager, Web Operations, University of Maryland Medical


Chris Boyer – Director, Digital Marketing and Communications, Inova

Health System

Howard Luks, M.D. – Chief, Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, University


Katie Malbon, M.D. – Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center

Mike Sevilla, M.D. – Family Medicine physician and blogger

“Our mission in the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is to lead the

social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and

well-being for people everywhere,” says Dr. Timimi, the center’s medical

director. “We see this conference as a way to help spur and inspire

broader adoption of social media tools by medical professionals, for the

benefit of patients.”

To fulfill this mission, the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media has

created the Social

Media Health Network, which currently has 111 member organizations,

as a means for those interested in applying social media for

health-related purposes to learn from and with Mayo Clinic and each

other. In addition to webinars and an online community for employees of

member organizations, Mayo also sponsors in-person learning and

networking events such as this New York conference. Other center

programs include its Social Media Residency and the annual Social Media

Summit, which drew 375 participants from 38 states and four countries to

Rochester, Minn. last year. This year’s summit, part of a weeklong

series of social media events at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., will

be held Oct. 16–18.

“Social media tools have had seismic impact on governments and

throughout society,” says Aase. “We believe their immense power can and

must be harnessed to promote health, to improve health care and to fight

disease. We see this New York conference as a way to encourage

thoughtful application of social media solutions to important health and

medical problems.”

See the Mayo

Clinic Center for Social Media site for further details.

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