Metabolon and Muses Labs Partner to Apply Metabolomics to Alzheimer’s Disease

Collaboration to Launch Joint Precision Medicine Studies, Bring New
Clinical Trial Services to Market and Advance Care Protocols for
Alzheimer’s Patients

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AlzheimersMuses
announced today it has partnered with Metabolon,
, the global leader in metabolomics, to study and apply
metabolomics in individuals with pre- and early-symptomatic cognitive
decline and Alzheimer’s disease. The companies expect to bring new
clinical trial services and updated care protocols to the market in 2016.

is the study of small molecules called metabolites and is a powerful
phenotyping technology for precision medicine. It measures changes in
metabolite levels and maps them to the appropriate biochemical pathways
to give clinicians a better understanding of health and the influences
of genes, microbiome, diet, lifestyle and drug treatment.

“Muses Labs’ protocols utilize a patient’s genome, blood tests, medical
history and lifestyle to direct care. Metabolomics adds additional
significant insight into a patient’s biological status to improve
identification of active pathologies and enable further refinement of
patient care programs,” said Vik Chandra, CEO of Muses Labs.
“Metabolomics has the potential to significantly expand the
effectiveness of combination therapy protocols for Alzheimer’s and other
complex diseases. Our collaboration with Metabolon has the power to
advance precision medicine in this area.”

Muses Labs’ MEND™
is a data driven, technology enabled, personalized
methodology to correctly identify and simultaneously treat the dozens of
pathology drivers of age-related cognitive decline. It is designed to
help patients who are beginning to have symptoms of age-related
cognitive decline, those with a family history of dementia and patients
with mild Alzheimer’s disease. The Protocol recommends optimal medical
interventions personalized for each patient and has the potential to
improve memory and cognitive function.

“We’re working together to expand the knowledge we can apply toward
overcoming Alzheimer’s disease,” said John Ryals, PhD, CEO of Metabolon.
“Our goal is to use our proprietary technology in conjunction with Muses
Labs’ personalized Protocols to provide clinicians with a more accurate
health assessment of patients experiencing cognitive decline as well as
more actionable information. Metabolomics may help answer questions that
surround complex, neurodegenerative diseases and refine personalized

“While research into metabolomics and Alzheimer’s disease is in its
early stages, we believe that by using this technology, the connections
between metabolism and the underlying pathologies of Alzheimer’s disease
will become better understood,” said Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, Research
Professor of Neurology, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Chief
Medical-Scientific Advisor, Muses Labs. “Metabolomics can guide the
clinical care of Alzheimer’s disease today while laying the foundation
for new interventions and protocols.”

About Metabolon

Metabolon, Inc. is the world’s leading health technology company focused
on the use of metabolomics in precision medicine. This powerful tool for
assessing health is based on proprietary platforms and informatics that
deliver biomarker discoveries, innovative diagnostic tests and
ground-breaking partnerships in genomics-based health initiatives.
Metabolon’s expertise is also accelerating research and product
development across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer products,
agriculture and nutrition industries, as well as academic and government
organizations. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Research Triangle
Park, North Carolina, the company has conducted more than 5,000
independent and collaborative studies, resulting in over 550
peer-reviewed publications. For more information, please visit
or follow us on LinkedIn
or Twitter.

About Muses Labs

Muses Labs brings together 30 years of scientific research, hundreds of
published clinical studies, and a team of highly-respected Alzheimer’s
researchers, doctors and advanced technology. The company applies its
clinical precision medicine platform and technology-enabled protocol to
collect individual patient medical and behavioral data, identify
underlying causes of age-related cognitive decline (such as Alzheimer’s
disease and memory loss), and design personalized treatment plans. A
comprehensive adherence program supports individuals and their
caregivers to improve patient outcomes. This first personalized protocol
is called the MENDTM Protocol (Metabolic Enhancement for
NeuroDegeneration). For more information, visit


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