Mobile Drivers Ed App Aceable Expands to the Golden State

California teens can now skip the classroom and complete drivers
ed via mobile app

the mobile education software company that created the first
state-approved drivers ed mobile app in Texas, today announced expansion
and availability in California, the largest driving state in the nation.
As of today, California teens between the ages of 15 and 17 and a half
years old can fulfill their 25 hour classroom requirement on a mobile
app. The app works on iOS and Android and allows students to learn how
and when they want. Like all states, the written exam must be completed
at the DMV.

Aceable’s drivers ed app was designed to better meet the needs of busy
teens and their parents. The curriculum includes fresh, funny content
like videos and memes to appeal to a teen audience and unlike any other
drivers ed courses in California, it offers and encourages parental
involvement. Aceable is the only app where the parents can track their
child’s progress via the “parent” login and monitor how they are doing.

“The rapid adoption of our mobile drivers ed apps and web courses
illustrate teens are hungry for innovation, in an outdated industry,”
said Blake Garrett, CEO of Aceable. “With California being the
birthplace of tech innovation it was a no-brainer to make it our next
target market.”

According to McKinsey,
mobile learning and education is slated to be a $38B industry by 2020.
Aceable is already investing in the future of mobile learning and
recognizes the benefits beyond just ease-of-use. In fact, according to a Department
of Defense Mobile Learning
study, participants believed that mobile
course delivery provides many benefits in regards to time management,
convenience, lack of distraction and more concise information.

The company recently raised $4.7 million and part of the growth strategy
is to be available in all U.S. states that allow online drivers ed by
the end of 2016. For states that don’t allow online drivers ed, Aceable
will be creating separate courses to teach kids the rules of the road,
to help them get their permit. In the last 16 months since its initial
launch, Aceable has scaled up to more than 100,000 users in both Texas
and Florida and has a consistent five star rating in the iOS and Android
app stores with 600 reviews.

About Aceable

Aceable is the first mobile app that allows students the convenience of
completing accredited driving courses on the go. Headquartered in
Austin, Texas, Aceable’s mission is to make drivers ed enjoyable and
accessible to everyone by replacing boring classroom lectures with fun,
educational content that’s affordable and easy-to-use across all mobile
platforms. The company is starting with drivers ed and plans on using
the platform as the foundation for many types of education moving
forward. For more information about Aceable, visit


Laurel Getz, 203-767-5963