New Consumer Research Report Shows Cord Cutting is the Way of the Future

Survey Commissioned by TCL Shows Millennials are 2.5X More Likely to
Cut Their Cable Cords in Exchange for Smart TVs Than Baby Boomers

the world’s third largest television manufacturer, today unveiled the
results of its recent national poll* of 2,000 Americans regarding cord
cutting, the smart television experience and viewing habits. The results
reveal surprising insights about how television consumption habits are
drastically changing, including a booming shift toward cord cutting,
smart TVs and streaming services.

The new research shows that the number of cord-cutters – a person who
cancels or forgoes a cable subscription in favor of an alternative
Internet-based or wireless service – is continuing to grow exponentially
in America. When looking at the research generationally, Millennials
(people ages 18-34) are spearheading the trend, with the majority
wanting to be part of the cord-cutting movement and having already cut
ties with their cable services or never subscribed to a multiple system
operator (MSO) to start with – the cord-nevers. Baby Boomers (people
ages 51-69) are more slowly following suit, with one in five (20
percent) classifying themselves as cord-cutters.

Similarly, streaming content – receiving and downloading audio or video
files via the Internet – is also exploding in popularity. According to
the research, nearly four out of five Americans are now streaming at
least some, if not all, of their favorite content, with 70 percent of
Millennials agreeing that most or all of what they watch is being
streamed on their own time.

“We believe that streaming is the future of television,” said Chris
Larson, vice president, sales and marketing for TCL. “Consumers today
want complete control over their entertainment and content consumption,
which explains why a growing number of Americans now own a smart TV.”

The survey findings also reinforced that “cost savings” and “flexibility
of viewing” are of utmost importance for 75 percent of Americans when it
comes to owning a smart TV. TCL Roku TVs® help save costs by
eliminating the need for a cable box and extra devices, while also
enabling access to the widest variety of content that viewers’ can
stream and watch on their own time. Unlike other TV manufacturers, TCL
also continues to include a tuner in all TCL Roku TVs as a critical
supplement to streaming and a great way to access popular network TV and
live sports in high definition over the air at no additional cost.

Earlier this year, TCL unveiled
its new Ultra HD 4K TCL Roku Smart TVs that incorporate one of the best
combinations of picture quality, content, ease of use and value in the
market today. The P130 series is being offered in 43” (43UP130),
50” (50UP130)
and 55” (55UP130)
screen sizes – all with easy access to more than 3,500 streaming
channels and 350,000+ movies and TV episodes.

“TCL has been a leader in the smart TV category since we introduced our
award-winning TCL Roku TVs in 2014,” said Larson. “Our stylish design
and leading technology, coupled with Roku’s wide selection of content,
have been a great option for those looking to cut their cable cords and
enjoy the content they love on their own time.”

Fall Back to Season Premiers – Binging is the New Black

Americans are nearly four times more excited about their favorite shows
returning to primetime this fall than election coverage. While election
coverage is low on everyone’s list, Millennials in particular are not
going to be tuning in – only 10 percent said they look forward to this
year’s presidential election. The return of college and professional
football was highly anticipated amongst American males, with one-third
saying that football is at the top of their television-viewing list this

More than one in five Americans (21 percent) would be willing to give up
sex with their partner or a family meal for a night or a weekend to
themselves with streaming access to their favorite content. Four out of
five Americans would give up studying, after-hours work or exercise for
their favorite shows.

Nearly half of Americans (49 percent) say they have or would spend an
entire weekend streaming TV series or movies. Similarly, 60 percent of
Millennials say the ability to binge-watch TV and get caught up on
content on their own terms is the biggest way cord-cutting has changed
their viewing experience.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame…or Not?

Given recent technology enhancements with 4K and picture quality, more
and more consumers are choosing to stay at home instead of heading out
to the stadium to watch their favorite sports teams. Nearly two-thirds
(57 percent) of those surveyed said that the sports viewing experience
with Ultra HD picture quality is comparable to going to the stadium or
that it’s closing the gap. Close to one-third (32 percent) of Americans
now prefer to stream sporting events from the comfort of their living

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*Survey Methodology

TCL commissioned third-party research organization Survey Monkey to
survey 2,000 male and female consumers in the United States on August
16-21, 2016. The sampling margin of error is +/-2.2 percent.

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