Nutritional Medicinals, LLC Announces Organic Pediatric Whole Foods Feeding Tube Formula and Complete Meal Replacement with Nourish™ Product

CENTERVILLE, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Shelby Huerta cried all the time. The food through her gastric tube gave
the five-year-old digestive issues night and day.

“It’s the hardest thing to see your child go through something that you
can’t stop,” said Victoria Garcia, Shelby’s mother.

Victoria Garcia gave Shelby a new formula. Nourish is a nutritionally
complete pediatric plant-based formula free of all eight common food
allergens. The USDA-certified organic meal replacement product is the
latest from the Functional
® brand that also launched Liquid Hope®, the first and
only certified organic whole foods meal for people with feeding tubes.

“Nourish was created out of necessity. Although we’ve had hundreds of
children successfully use Liquid Hope, many registered dietitians felt
the protein was too high for children, so we decided to fill a huge void
in the pediatric market and launched Nourish,” said Robin Gentry McGee,
founder and CEO. “When you give the body whole foods nutrition without
any added sugars or fruit juice concentrates, it is amazing how that can
more effectively support the body’s systems.”

Each 12-ounce pouch of Nourish meal replacement boasts a robust label
with ingredients such as organic garbanzo beans, green peas, brown rice,
kale and sprouted quinoa. The new pediatric meal is gluten- and
GMO-free, with packaging that’s BPA-, latex- and silver-free.

“Kids deserve the best, especially when they are ill or have compromised
health. Nourish fits that description to the ‘T,’” said John Bagnulo,
Ph.D. and director of nutrition at Nutritional Medicinals. “The healthy
fats and vegetables used in this formula are what a child’s brain and GI
need the most. There are no fillers, no sources of inflammation, no
hidden sugars – just ingredients that help support a child’s health.”

About Nutritional Medicinals, LLC
Founded in 2006,
Nutritional Medicinals, LLC is a privately held company based in
Centerville, Ohio, that manufactures whole foods for the whole body. As
a professional chef working with organic whole foods her entire career,
Founder and CEO Robin Gentry McGee was equipped to make a more
nutritious feeding tube formula with help and guidance from a team of
medical professionals and registered dietitians. Learn more about
Functional Formularies meal replacement products and families’
experiences with Liquid Hope® and
Nourish products at


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