OptiMind by AlternaScript: Give Your Brain What It Craves With State of the Art, Scientifically Studied Ingredients That Improve Cognitive Function, Energy and Focus

the breakthrough premium nootropic from direct to consumer health
company AlternaScript,
is improving brain function for thousands of dedicated consumers with a
state of the art formula that combines the highest quality ingredients
to enhance cognitive ability, energy and focus. OptiMind,
AlternaScript’s flagship product, has sold over 6 million capsules since
launching in 2014.  

OptiMind, like all of AlternaScript’s products, is based on extensive
clinically studied research and rigorous testing. The hand-picked
ingredients in AlternaScript products are unapologetically premium and
have benefited from years of research. OptiMind is made in a cGMP
certified lab and every ingredient in OptiMind undergoes rigorous purity
testing with certification.

Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive and executive function,
memory, creativity and motivation.  For more on OptiMind’s formula and
ingredients, visit:  https://www.getoptimind.com/formula/.

“OptiMind is winning more and more fans every day because it uses the
finest ingredients that undergo rigorous testing, it’s convenient and it
works,” said Lucas
, Co-Founder and CEO of AlternaScript. “OptiMind is a luxury
brain supplement and has virtually nothing in common with commercial
energy supplements commonly found on the market. We focus on the long
term health of your brain, not a quick pick-me-up that has limited value
over time.”

“OptiMind is a revolutionary product that comes around every so often,
but makes a lasting impression on the industry,” commented Adel
Villalobos, Chief Scientific Officer at Lief Organics. “OptiMind was
conceptualized through quality and delivers on the needs of the consumer
to be able to take the mind, our brain’s ability, to another level.
OptiMind’s ingredients were grown ethically, with a high level of
scrutiny for quality control, and tested through clinical studies.
OptiMind delivers on the promise of the product; it has highly
concentrated ingredients like Bacopa backed with clinical studies, not
just herbal extracts with theoretical benefits.”

AlternaScript’s disruptive, subscription based distribution model
leverages technology such as algorithms and data science, to modernize
the health industry and bring products direct to consumers and
supersedes traditional distribution channels. Every customer gets a free
sample of AlternaScript products with free shipping. AlternaScript has
given over $2 million in free samples. Other AlternaScript products
include sleep aid RestUp
and ground-breaking probiotic NuCulture.

About AlternaScript

AlternaScript seeks to disrupt the healthcare industry by challenging
the traditional model that is based on control by Big Pharma,
distributors and retailers. AlternaScript’s direct-to-consumer model
leverages technologies such as algorithms and data science to modernize
the health industry and bring products direct to consumers without third
party involvement.

The company has built a philosophy focused on personalized care, guided
by clinically proven hard science, individual thought, and patience.
AlternaScript is committed to helping healthy people stay healthy by
empowering them to create their own personal regimen that is a long-term
investment in their overall well-being.


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