, Now a Suppressor Distributor, Rolls Out Uniquely Designed Local Dealer Program for FFLs with an Innovative Twist

Silencer Shop now offers an innovative “Buy-It-Local” sales program
that empowers consumers to make purchases through

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Silencer Shop now operates as a suppressor distributor nationwide and
offers a new “Buy-It-Local” Program that allows local dealers enrolled
in their program to sell to their customers directly out of Silencer
Shop’s extensive inventory.

In the past, silencer manufacturers have had to rely on the traditional
dealer system to sell to consumers due to strict regulatory laws.
Through close-knit partnerships with local FFLs and manufacturers,
Silencer Shop now sells suppressors directly to dealers as well as
allowing consumers to select which dealer they would like to use through’s
unique e-commerce platform.

Benefits of the Distributor-Dealer “Buy-It-Local” Program Include:

  • Silencer Shop offers a wider inventory of suppressors than most local
    dealers and usually gains access to sell the latest suppressor models
    first. Dealers affiliated with the “Buy-It-Local” Program can tap into
    the Silencer Shop’s additional inventory without adding costs to
  • Silencer Shop also has over six years of e-commerce experience.
    Dealers who partner with Silencer Shop can utilize that knowledge base
    and offer a wider selection of suppressors by referring consumers to
    Consumers can buy directly from
    and pick up their suppressor from the local FFL at a later date.
  • This program helps reduce the paperwork required of dealers and
    consumers and streamlines the process for everyone. In sum, this
    feature alone can add more profitability to local dealers while
    simultaneously reducing the headaches associated with filing ATF

“The average dealer has an approximately 15% error rate when completing
NFA paperwork,” says Gary Groppe, Chief Operating Officer for Silencer
Shop. “All of the regulations about silencers have made the whole
process of buying and selling rigorous and lengthy. We figured out a way
to make the process more streamlined with fewer errors.”

The program is straightforward: customers who wish to purchase from
Silencer Shop have the option to select a participating local dealer
during the checkout process. Silencer Shop processes the payment and
begins the ATF transfer.

When the merchandise arrives at the participating gun shop, the dealer
will also receive a check for the difference between the price they
charged on the website and Silencer Shop’s dealer price. Dealers may
complete the NFA paperwork, or Silencer Shop will do it for them if they
are a Powered by Silencer Shop Dealer.

“We feel we have put together a complete package for dealers and
customers alike. We’ve reduced paperwork, time, and improved the process
considerably. We want to encourage suppressor dealers to get on board
with the ‘Buy-It-Local’ Program.

“The features of the ‘Buy-It-Local’ Program are far-reaching, and we
believe they create a win-win relationship between our dealers, and us
as a Distributor,” concludes Groppe. For more information about the
program, visit
or call their headquarters at (512) 931-4556.

About Silencer Shop:

Named Dealer of the Year in 2015 by the American Suppressor Association
(ASA), Silencer Shop is now a full-fledged suppressor distributor. They
work hand-in-hand with local dealers across the U.S. to sell from their
inventory on
via their innovative “Buy-It-Local” Program. The “Buy-It-Local” Program
rolled out in August 2015 to avoid the pitfalls of business as usual.

The innovative purchasing program allows dealers to offer consumers a
wider product inventory, broadens the reach of dealers carrying local
suppressor inventory, streamlines the NFA paperwork process, enhances
exposure for local dealers, and increases the number of referrals for
local dealers from consumers who are accustomed to shopping on
All these benefits are aimed at improving consumer satisfaction.


Silencer Shop
Gary Groppe, COO, 512-686-5900