SmartMark Communications Leads Industry in Conversation Around IoT Customer Experience; Identifies Framework for Application of New Technologies

SmartMark Encourages Companies to See Past the “Glitter of New
Gadgets” and Understand the Longer-Term Business Applications and
Relevancy of New Technology Adoption

, the leader in customer experience strategy,
announced today the release of a new Framework for evaluating long-term
relevancy and adoption of new technologies. The Framework, titled
“Technology Adoption and Customer Centricity” (TACC), is being released
in conjunction with CES® 2017, the premier consumer
electronics and technology innovation event.

The TACC Framework focuses on helping businesses optimize
consumer-facing technology spending by understanding customer
preferences and preferred offerings, and prioritizing investment.

“It is easy to get swept up in the excitement around the next big
technology,” said Juliet Shavit, President and CEO of SmartMark
Communications, “But it is important for businesses to keep their focus
on the customer’s longer-term experience and satisfaction. It is
customer satisfaction that will drive meaningful ROI,” adds Shavit.

The new Framework is a measurement tool that uses a series of
calculations to determine likelihood for success, drawing into
consideration such factors as external stakeholder support and

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