Swiffer and Sarah Michelle Gellar Encourage Parents to Say “YES!” to the Mess in an Effort to Foster Children’s Creativity and Independence

The majority of parents have said no to their kids’ requests
because of the mess it could make

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Every parent knows that children throw themselves wholeheartedly into
exploring the world around them without concern for the mess they
create. And many successful career professionals attest that these
creative and educational moments can lead to a child’s future
occupational success. However, according to the second annual Swiffer
Cleaning Index, while the majority of parents (72 percent) feel that
letting kids make a mess helps encourage their creativity, nearly all
(95 percent) have said “no” to their kids’ requests because of the mess
it could make1.

That’s why Swiffer
is urging parents to start saying “yes!” to the mess and embrace these
precious opportunities to learn and grow their children’s imagination,
even when it means a sticky floor afterwards. With Swiffer, they’re able
to get their home real clean, real fast.

Actress, entrepreneur and mom of two, Sarah Michelle Gellar, spearheaded
the effort by hosting a “Yes to the Mess” event today in New York City,
which featured a bevy of untidy, but educational, activities that
parents would usually say “no” to. From science projects to baking,
local parents and their kids participated and delighted in the
enriching, interactive and messy creation stations.

“I believe that while kids are born with a natural instinct towards
creativity – it is still a skill that parents need to continually
foster. My two kids work on fine and gross motor skills, math, science,
vocabulary and more through baking, and their resulting smiles light up
my day,” said Gellar. “That’s why I don’t mind having to clean up the
cake batter and crumbs on my floors afterwards. And with Swiffer, I can
enjoy saying ‘yes’ more often because I am able to get a thorough clean
in minutes while indulging my kids’ sense of discovery and exploration.
Not to mention I truly believe creativity is the road to invention.”

Alongside Gellar at the event were several successful professionals
representing a variety of industries, including Chef and Founder of The
Creative Kitchen and Kids Food Festival, Cricket Azima, Tough Mudder’s
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jesse Bull, and Robofun’s Founder
and CEO, Laura Allen. Each person shared their personal point of view on
the positive benefits of mess-making.

“As a chef specializing in cooking for, and with, children, I give a kid
an egg and step back. We make messes. We define mess,” said Azima. “And
as a parent, I know that sometimes it’s just easier to say ‘no’ and
avoid having to deal with clean up duty. But these moments open the door
to such great learning opportunities, and with Swiffer you don’t have to
worry. You can say ‘yes’ to the mess and then get real clean, real fast!”

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1 Methodological Notes: The Swiffer Cleaning Index
Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research (www.wakefieldresearch.com)
among 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18+, plus oversample up to 1,000 parents
with children in the home, between October 7th and October 20th, 2015,
using an email invitation and an online survey. Quotas have been set to
ensure reliable and accurate representation of the U.S. adult population.


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