Toppan Vite to Sponsor Youth INC Benefit for New York City Children

Organization’s annual gala celebrates culmination of year-long
fundraising training program

New York, a leading financial printer for mission-critical
content in capital markets transactions, financial reporting and
regulatory compliance filings, will serve as an official sponsor for the
21st Annual Youth
INC “A Celebration to Benefit New York Kids” gala
on Tuesday,
November 17.

Held at The Waldorf Astoria, the Youth INC benefit celebrates the
culmination of the organization’s annual Celebration
, which teaches up to 15 nonprofit organizations to more
effectively fundraise by pairing their executives and board members with
Youth INC coaches. The year-long training program provides grassroots
nonprofits with the knowledge, skills and tools to engage new
supporters, raise more funds and deliver more opportunities to youth.

Youth INC and its over 100 Celebration partners have raised more than
$16 million for the children they serve through the annual gala.

Toppan Vite is a Corporate Philanthropy Partner of Youth INC and serving
as a sponsor of the event for the second consecutive year.

“We are big believers in giving back and positioning the next generation
for success,” said Jeff Riback, President of Toppan Vite New York.
“Youth INC is an incredible organization that is making a genuine
difference in the lives of New York City children every single day. We
are proud to be a part of the annual benefit gala and look forward to
continuing to partner with Youth INC in the future.”

About Youth INC

Youth INC’s venture philanthropy model uses a rigorous screening process
to identify the most promising nonprofits serving kids. Youth INC helps
its nonprofit partners to develop robust fundraising capabilities, build
a strong board and establish metrics to increase and better illustrate
their impact. Youth INC also issues capacity building grants that
accelerate growth and drive sustainable scale. Over the life of their
partnership with Youth INC, participating nonprofits experience an
average increase of more than 160 percent in revenue, 45 percent
increase in Board size and, most importantly, 120 percent increase in
the number of youth served. Since 1995, our venture philanthropy model
has helped raise over $55 million to transform over 130 nonprofits and
improve the lives of more than 600,000 New York City youths. To learn
more about Youth INC visit:

About Toppan Vite

Toppan Vite, a leader in financial printing, is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Toppan Leefung Pte Limited and part of the Toppan Printing
Co., Ltd., the world’s largest printing group, headquartered in Tokyo
with approximately US $13 billion in annual sales. Toppan Vite has been
a pioneer and trusted partner in the financial markets for three
decades, serving the financial, legal and corporate communities with
meticulous, responsive service and unparalleled local market expertise
and capabilities. Toppan Vite New York’s expanding U.S. operations
deliver a hassle-free experience for mission-critical content for
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