TransLoc and Uber Partner to Pioneer a New Standard in Public Transit

Integrating Uber into commutes with TransLoc Rider

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TransLoc, a leading provider of transportation technology, is partnering
with Uber to create a new standard in public transit and private
technology collaboration. This milestone seeks to combine the best of
private transportation and public transit for truly integrated mobility.
By integrating the Uber API into the TransLoc Rider app, riders can
incorporate multiple modes of transportation, including public transit,
into commutes.

The first-mile/last-mile challenge is a persistent and ongoing problem
facing transit agencies as they try to increase ridership. Many
potential transit riders say they would be willing to take public
transit, but do not because they lack options to get them to or from
their final destination after getting off the bus or train. Instead,
they drive the entire trip.

Together, TransLoc and Uber hope to bridge the gap by delivering the
certainty and reliability that riders need to complete their entire trip
in a way that has never been done before. Building on Uber’s
first-of-its-kind partnerships between Transportation Network Companies
(TNCs) and transit agencies, this approach is distinct—it creates a
seamless connection between Uber and public transit so that more people
can easily access it. Users simply input their destination in the Rider
app to receive a personalized journey that incorporates the optimal
combination of walking, transit and Uber. The app instantly plans a
route that will get them where they want to go cost-effectively, quickly
and easily.

“It is exciting to see technology companies and public transit agencies
work together to test new ways for making trip options convenient and
complete,” said Michael Melaniphy, American Public Transportation
Association President and CEO. “As private sector innovation
accelerates, such partnerships will enhance the attractiveness of public
transportation, with the traveling public being the prime beneficiary.”

This new solution marries the strengths of public transit—the
transportation backbone of our cities—with the convenience and
reliability of Uber, getting riders to and from transit stops to reach
their ultimate destination. Both of these key alternative modes of
transportation are further enhanced by TransLoc’s technology, which
provides real-time tracking. Having accurate arrival predictions makes
multi-modal transportation a viable and enjoyable alternative.

“Our mission is to take public transit from last resort for some, to
first choice for all. The partnership with Uber will help advance us
toward this goal,” said Doug Kaufman, CEO of TransLoc, “and make public
transit a viable option for everyone, not just people who live close to
a transit stop.”

TransLoc Rider with Uber integration will debut in mid-February in
Memphis, Tennessee and Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina with agency
partners Memphis
Area Transit Authority
and GoTriangle.

About TransLoc

TransLoc is solving the biggest problems in transportation through
technology. The TransLoc suite of products includes Rider
mobile app (available in the iOS App Store or on Google Play), RealTime
control center, Traveler
visualization and planning tool and OnDemand
automated demand-response system. TransLoc Rider is the official app for
135+ municipal, university and corporate agencies. To learn more about
TransLoc, go to

About Uber

Uber is a technology platform that is evolving the way the world moves.
By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make
cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and
more business for drivers. Uber’s April ’15 partnership with the Dallas
Area Regional Transit (DART) marked the first ever formal partnership
between a public transit agency and a Transportation Network Company
(TNC). From our founding in 2009 to our launches in over 350 cities
today, Uber’s rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring
people and their cities closer. Follow us on Twitter: @Uber and find us
on Facebook: Uber.


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