Turn-Key Health Addresses Care Quality, Economic Burdens of Life-limiting Illnesses, Highlights Role of Advanced Illness Management

Download “Over-Medicalized
Care at the End-of-Life in the United States: Addressing the Economic
and Social Consequences”

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#advancedillnessmanagementTurn-Key
, an Advanced Illness Management (AIM) company serving health
plans and at-risk provider organizations focusing on the senior
population, announces the release of its white paper “Over-Medicalized
Care at the End-of-Life in the United States: Addressing the Economic
and Social Consequences
.” The paper highlights the benefits of Palliative
Illness Management™ – PIM™
, a solution designed for healthcare
payers and at-risk provider organizations serving seniors, and examines
the overall economic burdens of advanced illness at the end-of-life,
including important demographics, trends and economic factors.

“To help tackle the impact of a senior population projected to grow by
135 percent by 2050, PIM™ deploys community-based palliative care teams
complemented by predictive analytics, and identifies individuals earlier
in the disease trajectory to support patient and family caregiver
engagement,” says Greer Myers, president, Turn-Key Health. “For
payer-driven population health programs, this approach has a positive,
significant impact on the overall economic healthcare burden, mitigating
patient and caregiver financial consequences and improving
member/patient satisfaction.”

Myers adds that seniors with life-limiting illnesses often suffer
through unnecessary, even harmful treatments despite overriding expert
opinion that, at some point, more disease treatment does not equal
better care. Nevertheless, 40+ percent of these households face medical
bills that exceed their financial assets.

PIM™ is a specialized approach that relies upon an interdisciplinary,
medically directed team of healthcare professionals, including a
physician, nurses practicing at the top of their license, home health
aides, social workers, spiritual support and volunteers executing on a
strategy that is holistic, data-driven and evidence-based.

Myers concludes, “In conjunction with the treating physician, the nurse
and social worker-led palliative care team establishes goals of care and
develops care plans. This approach helps to support decision-making,
measure and demonstrate the value of care to the patient, and enhance
reporting to the healthcare system and payer.”

About Turn-Key Health

, a subsidiary of Enclara
, is an Advanced Illness Management (AIM) company for
healthcare payers and at-risk provider organizations serving seniors.
Its Palliative
Illness Management™ (PIM™)
model introduces a new option to improve
care quality, address costs and reduce burdens associated with
life-limiting illnesses. Visit http://www.turn-keyhealth.com.


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