VectorVest Introduces RoboTrader — Eliminate Emotions from Trading

New, Powerful Tool Seamlessly Pairs VectorVest Trading Systems
with Brokerage Accounts for Lightning-Fast Execution

CORNELIUS, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VectorVest announced today the release of RoboTrader, a powerful new
trading tool that solves the biggest problem for many traders –
executing a trading plan without letting emotions cloud judgment.
RoboTrader implements a trading plan only requiring confirmation for
fast, accurate execution, and monitors results in real-time.

RoboTrader leverages the intelligence of VectorVest’s fundamental and
technical analysis to make it easier to manage a portfolio, improve
investment success and save time. Instant alerts are sent to an
investor’s phone, email and VectorVest account, letting traders know
exactly which trades to make, when to make them and in what order

Traders can use any trading system in VectorVest, modify the trading
system or build their own, and can even trade several plans at once.
RoboTrader continuously monitors the portfolio (and trading system) to
identify new trades the moment they need to be made. Confirming trades
only requires a few clicks, and the trades are sent directly to a broker.

VectorVest founder Dr. Bart DiLiddo discovered, “When I implemented
thoroughly back-tested trading systems with real money, it was difficult
to devote the time and attention needed to produce the expected
results,” he said. “My emotions often caused me to stray from my trading
plan; I needed a tool to trade my plan the way it was intended, and keep
me out of the way. That’s what RoboTrader does.”

To learn more about RoboTrader, or try it for 30 days for $29, visit

About VectorVest

VectorVest has been providing the highest quality investment research to
investors for 28 years. The company’s comprehensive approach to
investing combines the insight of fundamental valuation with the power
of technical analysis in an easy-to-use stock analysis software package
designed for all types of investors. VectorVest provides a Buy, Sell or
Hold rating for over 23,000 stocks each day based on its proprietary
Value, Safety and Timing system. The demand for its indicators and
market timing information has prompted worldwide expansion. Today
VectorVest analyzes markets in the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K.,
Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa. For more information,


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