Zen Breakfast Blend™ by Mindbody Foods Launches Industry-First, Breakfast Smoothie Pouches

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–There’s a better way to start your day thanks to the introduction of Zen
Breakfast Blend by Mindbody Foods. Zen is a first-of-a kind vegan nut &
seed protein smoothie pouch that’s packed with protein, healthy fats,
fiber and GanedenBC30® to help people experience a more
balanced and productive day.

Consumers simply add a pouch with their favorite milk in a blender,
which grinds up the fresh seeds and nut in 30 to 60 seconds, for a quick
and delicious meal-sized chocolate breakfast smoothie. Whereas most
traditional breakfast offerings are high in carbs and sugar, a prepared
Zen Breakfast Blend is mostly protein, fats and fiber with added
probiotics to support digestive health, immune health and protein
utilization. It’s vegan, gluten-free and is an excellent source of ALA
omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, which few people get enough of in their

Zen Breakfast Blend was developed by William Bond and his wife, Dr.
Jennifer Wicher, a Naturopathic Doctor. “Our decade of running a
preventive medicine clinic taught us that eating better is the first
step to improving health and preventing health problems. But it has to
be easy, or people won’t do it,” said Mr. Bond, CEO of Mindbody Foods.
“We’ve created a highly functional food that’s perfect for busy people
who want easy access to many of the big trends in healthy eating – plant
based proteins, healthy fats, fiber and a probiotic, all in one.”

Healthcare spending on diet-preventable diseases is reaching crisis
proportions, and there’s a growing consensus that consumers need to cut
back on sugar and refined carbohydrates, include more sources of good
fats and fiber in their diets, and eat a larger, healthier breakfast.
Mindbody Foods believes that nut and seed breakfast smoothies are an
evolutionary part of the solution.

Zen Breakfast Blend is available in two flavors (cherry-almond and
blueberry-walnut) and sells online as 5-packs for $24 at ZenBreakfastBlend.com
and on Amazon. “Online has given us time to get amazing customer
feedback and to prepare to move into retail,” said William. “We just
launched into our first natural foods retailer last week and we think
that Zen Breakfast Blend has tremendous potential in the breakfast
aisle, and as a prepared smoothie at coffee shops and juice bars –
really anywhere there’s a blender.”

To learn more about Zen Breakfast Blend and our story, visit ZenBreakfastBlend.com.

About Mindbody Foods

Mindbody Foods is a food startup founded in 2015 by the company’s CEO,
William Bond, an engineer and MBA who is passionate about functional
foods and creating a sustainable healthcare system. The company is
currently seeking a round of investment capital through a 506(c)
Regulation D compliant private offering and has retained a top 100 law
firm to handle the private placement. More information is available at MindbodyFoods.com.


Mindbody Foods
William Bond, CEO