ZipRecruiter Launches Monthly $1,000 College Scholarship Cover Letter Contest

Each month, students can win money for college by showcasing skills
in unique, creative ways

the fastest-growing hiring solution in the U.S., is launching a monthly
cover letter challenge for college students with a $1,000 scholarship
prize. The contest is designed to help college students hone their cover
letter skills, gain valuable experience as they prepare to enter the
workforce – and win money.

With more than 8 million jobs posted in 2015, a 6 million-strong resume
database and 25 million personalized email job alerts sent daily,
ZipRecruiter helps job candidates get hired across a diverse spectrum of
highly sought-after industries, such as accounting and nursing. The
company wants to use its experience working with talent and HR
professionals to help students create cover letters that will instantly
stand out.

About the challenge
The days of the traditional cover letter
are gone, but there’s no denying the power of a well-crafted
introduction that demonstrates passion, work ethic and unique
qualifications. No hiring manager or business owner will pass up the
opportunity to meet someone who makes a strong first impression.
Applicants can showcase their qualifications and wide-ranging creativity
by creating written essays, videos, songs and any other media that
express each individual’s personality, experience and goals.

Each month, ZipRecruiter will choose five finalists to present to a
panel of judges who will select a winner. Particularly creative entries
will also be shared at
and at

Requirements for entry
Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled in the 2015-2016 school year at a college or university
    and show proof of enrollment; and
  • Be authorized to work in the U.S.

The deadline for monthly submissions is the last day of each month.
Visit the ZipRecruiter website at
to learn more.

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